Silvery South Sea pearl necklace with 22K gold clasp and spacers South sea pearl necklace with 22K gold accents detail of south sea pearl necklace showing knotting and 22K gold spacers Closeup of central pearls on south sea pearls necklace 22K gold clasp on silvery south sea pearl necklace with 22K gold spacers Silvery south sea pearl necklace with 22K gold accents shown on violet and chartreuse silk scarf

South Seas Idyll

Baroque South Sea Pearls with 22K Embellishments


By the light of the silvery moon, these South Sea pearls are particularly beautiful and crisp for more reasons than just their refreshingly cool gray color. This strand of beautifully shaped baroque South Sea pearls hails from the islands of Indonesia where pristine waters have nourished their creation. The rich solid 22K Balinese gold spacers and fancy hook clasp complement the cool color of the pearls, creating a stunning strand to be worn with just about anything.


designer: Agustus-Collection, Bali



  • necklace length: 19 inches
  • total carat weight: 282 carats
  • pearl source: Indonesia
  • pearl grade: AA+-AAA
  • pearl lustre: excellent
  • number of pearls: 37
  • pearl sizes: graduated 20mmX12mm to 8.5mmX8.5mm
  • treatments: none
  • construction: hand knotted on white silk
  • gold bead source: Bali
  • marks: 22K



item: N 00003
availability: one-of-a-kind


CONTACT: 520-906-7187


about South Sea Pearls:

The Pinctada maxima oyster, the largest and arguably most valued of the salt water pearl producing mollusks, produces the coveted pearl known as the South Sea Pearl, that naturally occurs in several colors ranging from white and cream, to silver, pink, and gold. Pinctada maxima oysters grow up to 12 inches in diameter, larger than any other salt-water pearl producing mollusk, and are split between gold-lipped and silver-lipped varieties, which can produce a pearl as large as 23mm. The color of the mother of pearl inside the shell determines the color of pearl the oyster produces. Water temperature, plankton and sediments determine which color variety is more common in a given area. Cultured South Sea pearls are produced in Australia, Philippines, Indonesia and as far north as Viet Nam - anywhere where pristine ocean waters exist. As an industry, pearl farmers depend on clean waters and contribute to the sustainability of the sea with their activities and advocacy.






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