Rainbow Flash Smooth Briolette Moonstone Necklace shown against a light background Closeup of moonstone briolettes against both black and white backgrounds Rainbow Flash Moonstone Smooth Briolette and 18K gold necklace shown on black background to show off color against black Moonstone necklace inside its protective satin pouch

Raindrops on Roses


Blue Flash Moonstone Briolette Necklace with 18K Gold Accents


Just like delicate drops of rain beaded up on the petals of a flower, these smooth briolettes of blue flash moonstone reflect the world around them. This necklace started out as a much shorter affair, but it became apparent that these beauties wanted to be worn against black or white in order to best show their stunning flashes of color.  So, this necklace was lengthened to sit nicely over a black silk blouse or against a white lace camisole. Spaced with solid 18K gold textured tubes and tiny natural zircon beads, the simple hook and eye clasp sits lightly around your neck. Day or night, there is an occasion to wear this delicate princess length necklace for all the compliments in the world!


designer: atelier bento



  • necklace length:  22 inches
  • gemstone:  blue flash moonstones
  • total carat weight:  80 carats
  • treatments:  none
  • gold beads:  18K textured gold tubes
  • gold beads source: Turkey
  • marks: bento



item: N 00035
availability: one-of-a-kind


CONTACT: 520-906-7187

about moonstones:


Moonstone’s mystical presence, known as adularescence, is created when light scatters between alternating layers of orthoclase and albite that have formed within this opaque to translucent variety of feldspar mineral. Feldspars make up more than half of the earth's crust and give us the ethereal moonstone as well as sunstones, labradorite and amazonite, each having their own special light scattering qualities. Moonstones are aptly named because of their glow, reminiscent of soft moonlight. These stones come in a variety of colors and translucency, the most well known being the rainbow or blue flash moonstone with its clear appearance that flashes with blues. Other beautiful colors are gray, chocolate brown and peach, often having a moonlight gray glow.


Moonstones are a gem of calmness, balance and femininity, encouraging reflection and insight.


about zircon:


When faceted, Zircon is a sparkly mineral crystal that has been used historically for its diamond-like appearance. This zirconium silicate gemstone (ZrSiO4) can appear in many colors depending upon other trace minerals found with it. This natural gem is often confused with synthesized Cubic Zirconia (CZ), because of its similar name, but the two really have nothing in common.



Moonstone Necklace with Vintage India High Karat Gold Beads

Capturing Moonbeams


Chocolate moonstone necklace with gray Tahitian pearl Keshi pearls and 18K white gold & diamond beads

Chocolates & Diamonds




CONTACT: 520-906-7187


atelier bento


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