Chocolate moonstones showing the gray adularescence glow Chocolate moonstone necklace with gray Tahitian pearl Keshi pearls and 18K white gold & diamond beads Chocolate moonstone necklace showing clasp detail of 13mm Tahitian pearl tube and key clasp flanked by gray Tahitian Keshi pearls chocolate moonstone necklace showing US quarter can for scale Chocolate moonstones, 18K white gold diamond beads and Tahitian Keshi pearls, showing 13mm pearl clasp open Chocolate Moonstone Necklace with Pearls, photograph showing 13mm Tahitian pearl clasp and bento presentation box

Chocolates & Diamonds

Chocolate Moonstone Necklace with Tahitian Pearls and 18K White Gold & Diamond Beads


Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get....but, if you're the lucky sweetheart to get this decadent necklace of chocolate moonstones, pearls and diamonds, you will not be disappointed! These smooth, graduated moonstones have an unusual opaque chocolatey-brown body color that gives way to the most beautiful milky-gray adularescent glow. The moonlight that emanates from within is further enhanced by flanking gray Tahitian keshi pearls and 18K white gold beads encrusted with diamonds. Each stone is individually hand-knotted on gray silk using a technique developed to provide strength and prevent stretching to assure long wear. The elegant 18K white gold tube-and-key clasp is handmade from a fine AAA dark gray 13mm baroque Tahitian pearl that really wanted to be part of this necklace.  The clasp is fully detachable and can be used on any other tube-and-key clasped atelier bento piece in your collection. This necklace is a stunner worn on gray cashmere or silk, fancy to casual.


designer: atelier bento



  • necklace length:  25 inches
  • bead sizes: 18mm-10mm
  • stone: chocolate moonstone
  • stone treatments: unknown
  • pearls: Tahitian "keshi"
  • gold content: 18K white gold
  • gold/diamond bead source: India
  • clasp: 18K tube & key
  • marks: bento



Item: N 00032
availability: one-of-a-kind


CONTACT: 520-906-7187


about moonstones:


Moonstone’s mystical presence, known as adularescence, is created when light scatters between alternating layers of orthoclase and albite that have formed within this opaque to translucent variety of feldspar mineral. Feldspars make up more than half of the earth's crust and give us the ethereal moonstone as well as sunstones, labradorite and amazonite, each having their own special light scattering qualities.  Moonstones are aptly named because of their glow, reminiscent of soft moonlight. These stones come in a variety of colors and translucency, the most well known being the rainbow flash moonstone with its clear appearance that flashes with blues.  Other beautiful colors are gray, chocolate brown and peach, often having a moonlight gray glow.  Moonstones are a gem of calmness, balance and femininity, encouraging reflection and insight.






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CONTACT: 520-906-7187


atelier bento


chocolate moonstones, diamond beads, feldspar, prince, Tahitian Pearls