Golden South Sea Pearl on an antique Chinese plate Close of South Sea pearl interchangeable clasp Golden South Sea pearl choker with bento logo Detail of Australian South Sea pear and sapphirel interchangeable clasp for Golden South Sea pearl choker Closeup of South Sea Pearl interchangeable clasp with sapphires Closeup of interchangeable clasp on golden South Sea pearl choker (with cat's paw) 12mm x 13.9mm Baroque Golden South Sea pearl choker with diamond rondelle spacers

All Choked Up


Golden South Sea Baroque Pearl Choker with White South Sea Pearl and Sapphire Clasp


We're all choked up over this Golden South Sea pearl choker made from baroque-shaped pearls sourced from the pristine waters of Palawan, Philippines.  If you want to understand what it takes to cultivate these pearls, you need to know that protection of pristine seas and dedication to sustainability are key. Save Palawan Seas Foundation aims to do just that. South Sea Pearls are the national gem of the Philippines and as such, the pearl farmers who husband them deserve special recognition. Their rich soft gold color looks great on a surprising number of skin tones, but we're rooting for a redhead! This necklace is interspersed 18K diamond rondelles and hand-knotted on silk in a non-stretch technique that will keep them safe. The interchangeable clasp, fashioned from a 13mm x 14mm Australian South Sea pearl is accented with 18K gold and sapphires.


designer: atelier bento



  • necklace length:  17 inches
  • pearls:  Philippine Golden South Sea Pearls
  • pearl number:  27 (without clasp)
  • shape: baroque, slightly circled
  • pearl size:  12mm X 13.9mm
  • lustre:  excellent
  • pearl grade:  AA+/AAA
  • weight: 25 momme
  • pearl weight: 468 carats
  • pearl source: Palawan, Philippine Islands
  • clasp: 13mm x 14.3mm Australian South Sea pearl
  • clasp embellishment: 18K gold and sapphire rondelles
  • gold content:  solid 18K
  • marks: bento



item: N 00039
availability: one-of-a-kind


CONTACT: 520-906-7187

about Philippine Golden South Sea Pearls:


The golden South Sea pearl, exalted as the National Gem of the Philippines, is more than just a gem.  Its mere existence, both in the wild and as a commercial commodity, is the result of concerted efforts to develop a culture of sustainability for ocean health, the uplifting of local communities, and the economic and political structure to support development of this precious, renewable resource. In other words, this salt water pearl is an ambassador for sustainability all wrapped up in a stunningly beautiful package.


The largest salt water pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima, has two main varieties, the silver-lip and the gold-lip oyster, each producing the largest and most valuable of all salt water pearls. The gold-lip oyster is husbanded primarily in the Philippines and Indonesia and the colors are subtly indicative of the origins; the Philippine golds being somewhat softer in hue than the Indonesian pearls. South Sea Pearls have a thick nacre that enhances the depth of the more satiny luster created by this pearl oyster. Colors range from a champagne white to a deep gold and can reach as large as 18mm.


To learn more about this amazing gem, Jewelmer has a wonderful page on their website that tells the story of these miraculous pearls.




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CONTACT: 520-906-7187


atelier bento


18K gold, diamond rondelle, invisible clasp, South Sea Pearls