Detail of fossil coral pendant Bento kitty dreams of sunstones and fossil coral Detail of fossil coral pendant in mauves and grays closeup of 18K fossil coral pendant

Coral Garden


Fossil Coral Pendant on a Necklace of Smooth Sunstone Briolettes


The loveliest pink and gray fossil coral and sunstone necklace blossoms into a traditional India-style necklace with an adjustable corded silk tassel. A solid high-karat gold antique India bead slide adjusts the length of silky cords.  Accented with plenty of 18K gold beads and a few diamonds, this traditional style transcends culture. I just love the delicate flowers created when the ancient coral is sliced and polished!  It reminds me of snorkeling in Bora Bora's Coral Gardens.


designer: atelier bento



  • pendant:  Agatized Fossil Coral
  • pendant size:  38mm
  • pendant setting:  18K Yellow Gold
  • pearls: Chinese freshwater
  • stones:  Oregon sunstone smooth briolettes
  • gold Accents content:  18K yellow gold
  • necklace length  length:  26-36 inches, adjustable
  • clasp: India antique 20K gold bead slide on cord



item: N 00008
availability: one-of-a-kind


CONTACT: 520-906-7187

about agatized fossil coral:


Reef corals are living marine organisms that produce an underwater ecosystem characterized by colonies of individuals that grow and are held together by calcium carbonate. Over millions of years, the coral skeleton remains of these reefs are occasionally replaced with agate, a variety of naturally occurring chalcedony, or microcrystalline quartz. Polished slices of these fossil corals exhibit amazingly beautiful flowery patterns in pinks, yellows, oranges and grays.

Fossil corals are surface collected in Indonesia and the Americas in places where ancient sea beds once existed. Not to be confused with deep water precious corals or protected living reef corals, these beautiful petrified corals offer up a glimpse of the amazing structure of our living world.



about Oregon sunstone:


Oregon Sunstones are a translucent feldspar mineral, containing reflective copper inclusions that cause a beautiful scintillating quality called aventurescence, sometimes also called “schiller”. Colors range from transparent gray-greens and peaches, to more vibrant coppery reds and darker inky tones, all showing a depth and mystique that will captivate the beholder.  There are several sources for Sunstone in Oregon, each mine producing natural, untreated stones of unique signature.



about freshwater cultured pearls:


Freshwater cultured pearls have come a long way in recent years in terms of quality. The often almost metallic colors of pink, peach, lavender, gold, and silver, combined with distinctive shapes and improving lustre make these an attractive choice for design with pearls. Produced almost exclusively in China from the freshwater mussel Hyriopsis cuningii (also known as the triangle mussel for its shape) and Hyriopsis Schlegeli ('Biwa'), these mollusks are grown in freshwater ponds reminiscent of rice paddies, often on family farms.


The pearl is initiated from multiple grafts of mantle tissue inserted into the valves, allowing for the production of up to 32 pearls per mollusk. As a result, the sheer quantity of pearls produced is astounding. Shapes are referred to as potato, button, petal, corn flake, coin, baroque, stick; really, you can call them whatever shape they may remind you of!  Near-round shapes are becoming more available and recent efforts to produce bead nucleated pearls (similar to the salt water culturing process) have produced some interesting large shapes like 'fireballs' and the surprise ‘soufflé’ pearl.




Daydreaming in Sunstones: Sunstone necklace of opaque smooth clam-shaped briolettes spaced with 18K gold tubes and 14K rondelle beads studded with diamonds. Item N00006 cover photo


closeup of Japanese Keshi pearls with 18K gold hook & eye clasp




CONTACT: 520-906-7187


atelier bento


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