delicate multi-color sapphire necklace shown wrapped 4 times for a choker-length look multi color tiny faceted sapphires coiled to show color transitions delicate multi-color sapphire necklace shown wrapped twice with pearl and 22K god clasp featured multi-color delicate faceted sapphire necklace: detail of individual knotting Blonde Ambition - sapphire necklace with Bento kitty investigating

Blonde Ambition


Pastel-Perfect Sapphire Necklace with Fancy 22K gold clasp


Cotton candy colors exemplify this delicate 83 inch sapphire necklace, composed of approximately 750 individually hand-knotted faceted sapphires, accented with a fancy 22K gold clasp and pretty pink freshwater pearls. That's a lot of knots! The knotting allows each tiny stone to shine and to move fluidly. This necklace may be worn wrapped at the neckline, in a knotted rope or anything in between. Perfect for a spring wedding.


designer: atelier bento



  • necklace length: 83 inches
  • stone: multi-colored faceted sapphire beads
  • bead size: approximately 4mm
  • stone treatments: unknown
  • clasp: 22K gold, fresh water pearls
  • marks: bento



item: N 00018
availability: one-of-a-kind


CONTACT: 520-906-7187

about sapphires:


September birthstone is sapphire – a gem that’s been cherished for thousands of years. Although the term sapphire usually refers to the blue variety of corundum (ruby is the red variety), this birthstone comes in a rainbow of other colors. Sapphires have been long associated with royalty and romance and are also said to symbolize fidelity and the soul. “Sapphire” comes from the Greek word sappheiros and blue sapphire is one of the most popular colored stones.


Sapphires, along with their red ruby cousins, belong to the mineral species corundum. Corundum is composed only of aluminum and oxygen, and requires a growth environment that’s free of silicon. Because silicon is a very common element, natural corundum is relatively uncommon. On the non-linear Mohs hardness scale of 1-10 (diamond being a 10), Corundum has a Mohs hardness of 9, making it a durable and scratch resident gem.


Most people think of sapphires as being blue, and are quite surprised to find that sapphires come in just about every color of the rainbow except red, when they would then be considered a ruby. In its purest state, corundum is actually colorless, however, corundum usually contains color-causing trace elements. When the trace elements are iron and titanium, the corundum is blue sapphire. The more iron the corundum contains, the darker the blue. Chromium can cause the red color of ruby or the pink of pink sapphire. Both blue and the "fancy" colored sapphires - pink, yellow, violet, green - come from a variety of exotic sources including Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Australia. A special and highly sought after orangy-pink sapphire from Sri Lanka is called padparadscha, which means “lotus flower” in Sinhalese.


Traditionally, sapphire symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness and has decorated the robes of royalty and clergy for centuries. Its extraordinary color is the standard against which other blue gems—from topaz to tanzanite—are measured. Of course, one of the most famous sapphires is the center stone for the engagement ring first worn by Princess Diana, and now by the lovely Kate Middleton.






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atelier bento


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